Fire Flower – Boy's
Fire Flower – Boy's
Fire Flower – Boy's

Fire Flower – Boy's

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Take a close look at Fire Flower to see displays of fireworks in the night sky. Fireworks first appeared in Japan sometime in the mid-1600s and were given the name, hanabi, which combines the words fire (bi), and flower (hana). Later, in the early nineteenth century, a series of firework catalog advertisements were created and published by C.R. Brock and Company. Within the context of the colorful catalogs, one would find images that denied photorealism, allowing one to truly create a visual wonder of how each firework would appear in the sky. Within each square, patterns of color can be seen on a Black or Navy silhouette, similar to the actual catalogs themselves. Made from 100% Cotton Lawn for a fresh, lightweight, durable feel. Made in Hawai'i, USA. 

*Fire Flower is a matching Mini-Me print.

  • 100% Cotton Lawn, printed in Japan 
  • Proprietary hand and finish developed exclusively by Tori Richard  
  • Laser-engraved buttons with a pacific blue accent 
  • Matched pocket  
  • Made in Hawai'i, USA 
  • Machine washable
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