Pointillistic (Big)
Pointillistic (Big)
Pointillistic (Big)

Pointillistic (Big)

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Would you believe it if we told you this print was made with millions of dots? Single dots aren't significant, but together they blend into tropical hibiscus and monstera leaves. Inspired by pointillism techniques from the Impressionist artist, Georges Seurat. 

Our 100% Cotton Lawn incorporates our proprietary hand and finish, complete with our laser-engraved buttons featuring a Pacific blue accent, and a carefully print-matched pocket for an uninterrupted display of our hand-drawn art.

  • 100% Cotton Lawn, printed in Japan  
  • Made in Hawai'i, USA
  • Proprietary hand and finish developed exclusively by Tori Richard
  • Laser-engraved buttons with a pacific blue accent
  • Matched pocket
  • Machine washable
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