Talking Textiles:
The Art of Engineered Prints

The journey of any signature Tori Richard piece begins with art. The engineered print, one of Tori Richard’s lasting signatures, is one of the hallmarks of our offerings. 

What are Engineered Prints?

An engineered print is like a painting on a canvas. The artwork is designed for a specific type of garment that will best showcase the image. Patterns are not repeated, and the seams are matched to keep the image intact. Although matched front panels are more commonly seen now, we were one of the few in the industry to add this detail in the 1990s. This complex process requires more material and workmanship but the result is a stunning conversational piece that can be treasured for decades.     


Grand Entrance

The matched front shirts featuring cocktails, vintage cars, or island scenes, are how most may remember a Tori Richard piece, but the history of our engineered print date back to the late 1960s to early 1970s and found in our women’s lineWhimsical designs of elephants strolling past palm trees, marching penguins, and even a large fluffy white cat dramatically spanned floor-length silhouettes. Each elegant design was a technical feat and a visual delight.

From left to right: An engineered women's dress from the early 1970s; Cheshire, an engineered cat print in polyester knit from the early 1970s; Skoshi, an engineered elephant print in polyester knit from 1971.

The Comeback

By reintroducing engineered prints to the menswear line in the early 1990’s, the matched fronts and matched pockets became the standouts of our offerings. Coveted designs with fun names like Patio and Hammock became synonymous with the brand, marking Tori Richard as one the forerunners of engineered designs.  

Left to right: Piano Bar, 1997; Patio, 1997

Bird of Paradise, released Spring '22. A spectacular scenic inspired by vintage aviation posters seen during the golden era of travel.   

To date, engineered prints remain a highly sought after style. Our in-house team of textile artists create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece each season. This summer, we are excited to introduce Shere Khan, a spectacular jungle scenic comprised of flora and fauna found across the tropics interwoven in one utopian illustration.

Photographed at Oahu's luxurious Paradise Point Estates, the perfect background for this fantasy print. 

From Southeast Asian bengal tigers, to African leopards, to the Hawaiian nene goose, each element of wildlife was carefully selected to become a part of our tropical utopia. Take a closer look at the legend to see the entire kingdom. 

Shere Khan: Spotted in this Print

Our artwork serves as a reminder that Resort is a State of Mind®. Tori Richard lives on in the moments after shutting the laptop, and taking a break for play. Wherever you find people enjoying themselves, that’s where you’ll find us. 



  • Paul

    Tori Richards is my go-to when we visit Hawaii. Their cotton lawn shirts are well constructed, extremely comfortable and the epitome of modern, confident classic style. I am constantly getting compliments from strangers about my “Aloha” shirts. I only wear Tori, they’re well worth the price.

  • Judith Rostron

    Love these images and the workmanship behind them! A breath of fun and freedom…

  • Steven Scheartz

    I love it and I placed an order. I have several of you special shirts (front spears and several knits on the back), and I have been waiting for a now one. Headed Cancun Sep 14 , I hope this one will arrive on time. My group will go crazy!

  • Richard M. Jeso

    Stunning !

  • Robert

    I bought two Tori Richards short sleeved shirts in a Men’s shop in New Orleans over 20 years ago and they are still my favorite shirts. I still wear them today. I just never saw them in shops in DC or in SF where I now live. When I saw the ads on FB, I bought a couple more. They look and fit great.

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Please note, comments must be approved before they are published