Talking Textiles:
Tencel™ and Lyocell

Above: Handblock Shirt - Polyester and Tencel™ Blend

High quality textiles are one of the foundational markers of a Tori Richard design. We are constantly sourcing and developing the best fabrics for the warm weather destinations and tropical locales where our customers love to relax and spend their vacations. Also, our fabric selections work to enhance the in-house artwork we create for every print.

Letʻs take a closer look into two fibers that have been incorporated into our fabric repertoire for the last thirty years, Tencel™ and lyocell. 

Above: Monte Carlo Short- Cotton and Tencel™ Blend

 What are Tencel™ and Lyocell?

Tencel™ and lyocell are cellulosic fibers made from wood cellulose or pulp.  These incredibly soft fibers are made by processing wood pulp which then pushed through an extruder to form the fibers. 

Tencel™ is simply the branded form of lyocell, similar to how we sometimes call tissue by one of its branded names, Kleenex®.  Tencel™ fibers differ slightly from lyocell in that its raw materials are sourced from sustainably-harvested forests whereas lyocell fibers are made from bamboo. All types of lyocell, including Tencel™, are made from a closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions.  This process makes Tencel™ and lyocell more eco-friendly fabric choices since there is little waste product.

Above: Seascape Shirt - Lyocell and Silk Blend

 What We Love About Tencel™ and Lyocell

  • The number one reason for incorporating Tencel™ and Lyocell is without question the touch and feel of these fabrics! They have an incredibly soft, silky and luxe hand when you run your fingertips over their surface.
  • Tencel™ and lyocell fibers may be blended with cotton, linen, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, and even wool. This versatility allows us to include them in a range of clothing types across men’s and women’s styles.
  • Fabrics blended with Tencel™ and lyocell have a durable structure while remaining lightweight. They drape well, don’t wrinkle easily, and are machine washable making them a great choice for traveling.
  • These fibers can absorb around 20% of its own weight in moisture which gives them a wicking ability that’s better than cotton or hemp.
  • They can be dyed in many colors, which means our multi-colored prints have no problem fastening to the fabric.

Above: Feeling Aloha Meryl Romper - 100% Tencel™

Ways We Use Tencel™ and Lyocell

  • Monte Carlo Short - We blend Tencel™ with cotton and spandex in one of our newest arrivals, the Monte Carlo short, which makes this style one of the softest and most comfortable shorts we've ever made.  The Tencel™ adds durability with a buttery-soft feel and the spandex gives it a bit of stretch. 
  • Men's Tencel™ Lyocell Shirts - Several of our men's shirt styles, like Handblock and Hex Yeah, are made of Tencel™, which makes them as soft as silk and more durable than cotton! You can throw these styles in the laundry machine!
  • Select Men's Silk Shirts - Some of our silk shirts are made of 70% silk and 30% lyocell, which gives a suede-like hand to the style. 
  • Women's 100% Tencel™ Lyocell Styles - A few of our women's styles, like our Feeling Aloha print,  are made of 100% Tencel™ lyocell.  They're lightweight, drape with ease, and washable, which makes packing these styles for a getaway just a breeze.

If you have one of our Tencel™ or lyocell styles, let us know what you think of them in the comments!

 Our Best Tencel™ and Lyocell Picks

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