Introducing Mulberry Silk

We are pleased to introduce our newest textile, made from mulberry silk. A luxurious natural fabric that is known for its soft touch, hypoallergenic properties and luster that only true filament silk can provide. Mulberry silk is the pinnacle of silk and the finest Tori Richard has ever offered.

Our first print in the collection, Flora Vista, is globally inspired by tropical destinations like Florida, the Caribbean, and Cuba. Combining bold and vibrant images of hibiscus, heliconia flowers, and green foliage with a colorful engineer-printed border creates a cross-cultural charm.

Next of the bunch, Banana?, Features big striking images of banana leaves in contrasting monochromatic shades. The subtle sheen finish of the mulberry silk material allows the contrast of colors to pop, while the print-matched pocket and plackets make for a seamless design from end to end.

Turning the clock back to the 80s one pixel at a time is  Pixelated Paradise, featuring an artistically obscured version of the original image from the 80s. From far away the blurred print evokes curiosity, but come a little closer and find that palm trees and Hawaii's famous Diamond Head Crater reveal a pixel-perfect paradise.

Taking us another decade back, the original 1970s Tori Richard favorite Tempo depicts delicate hand-drawn orchid blooms often used in Hawaiian lei making, symbolic of refinement, beauty and appreciation. Whether you are looking for your new favorite silk or a vintage favorite design, step-up your standard in Tempo.

Delicate details including French seams throughout and hand-finished hems, with single-needle handwork and our authentic mother-of-pearl buttons complement the quality of our limited Mulberry Silk Collection.

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  • Robert J. Reed

    What fabrics do you have that are wrinkle resistance and don’t require special cleaning procedures?

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