Through The Decades:
Loungewear Redefined

Loungewear has been a part of our language since the beginning of the 1950s.  Today, we are excited to bring this back into our line and offer an exclusive collection of cotton lawn pajama sets. So, it’s only natural we take you back in time through our history of at-home wear and where it all started.  

Loungewear Then

During the midcentury, loungewear had a different definition.  The lounging outfits worn at home were just as polished and dramatic as those chosen for an evening out.  From relaxing to hosting informal gatherings, these garments for leisure were versatile and sophisticated.

Tori Richard outfitted all aspects of the leisure lifestyle from the lanai to the beach. The designs were a nod to Sundays and never-ending summers through the use of unabashed colors and cheerful prints. As a company that originated on an archipelago, the use of loungewear was blurred between indoors and outdoors with Hawai‘i’s year-round temperate tropical weather.  Caftans, sarongs, beach cover-ups, robes, and matching ensembles were worn to every occasion, designed for play and relaxation. 

Loungewear Now

Over the decades, loungewear has loosened up into its most relaxed version of clothes for home and sleep.  Enter, the pajama set.  Today, our fabrication is long departed from the polyester styles, and now exclusively made to feel lightweight and comfortable in high temperatures and humidity. Our proprietary 100% cotton lawn is favored for its performance in tropical climates and known for holding immense color and detail. This fabric, used mostly for our extensive men’s shirt collection, has all the elements needed for a comfortable night of sleep.

Our exclusive pajama set, available only online, comes with a long sleeve button-up shirt and long pants in five signature prints. Get one for him, one for her, and make it a match! Show us how you lounge around in Tori Richard by tagging us on instagram @toririchard!


  • Customer Service

    Aloha Teri,

    Thank you for your question. Q: Do you plan to make a line of nightgowns for women? Thank you. Unfortunately, we currently do not plan on making nightgowns. However, I will pass your feedback along to our production team. Our pajamas are a limited-edition item that is for men and women. The pajama sets are based on men’s measurements, so we recommend sizing down for women. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns that require our assistance. Have a wonderful week and A Hui Hou!

  • Teri L. Rodriguez

    Do you plan to make a line of night gowns for women?

    Thank you.

  • Colleen Croft

    Please re-issue some of your old styles. The designs are great! The lines of those pants and jumpsuits and the fitted waistlines would be a perfect addition to the mostly unfitted women’s styles you currently produce.

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Please note, comments must be approved before they are published