Talking Textiles: The Art of Nature

This Spring, Mother Nature is calling the shots for our newest men's prints. From illustrations to color combinations, weʻre looking to the natural beauty around us to inspire our designs.

One of this season's hero prints, Hydrozoan, takes a page out of a biology book and playfully explores marine life across our proprietary cotton lawn fabric. For inspiration, our art department turned to Kunstformen der Natur also known as Art Forms in Nature, a late 19th century book by German biologist Ernst Haeckel. 

This extensive catalog of illustrations is a masterful fusion of art and science.  His observations of cross sections of jellyfish, sea urchins, and sea anemone serve as the foundation of our Hydrozoan print.

Hydrozoan is available this Spring in two aquatic colorways.

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  • Rob Fern

    The illustrated prints are wonderful. The Hydrozoan shirt looks like it was created on a computer – no magical, lyrical, flowing inspiration there. Would suggest you try producing a few shirts with designs actually from the book – as a Sales test.

  • Susan

    I love how Heeckl’s observations are portrayed in the print. Hard not to be inspired by those gorgeous images.

  • Julieanne Squire-Coleman

    Breathtakingly beautiful artwork as always with Tori Richard.

  • Kaye

    You show 4 prints but only sell one.


    I was very interested in the use of hydrozoan in the development of pattern designs. Thanks for including that piece of information in your email! As a flyer, I think that there should be more patterns related to seabirds, airplanes and flying (maybe even some flying fish).

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Please note, comments must be approved before they are published