Father's Day Gift Guide

Who’s the favorite? You are!
Whether you're shopping for dad, grandpa, a dad friend, or a father figure, we have created this thoughtful gift guide to help you choose a gift he will cherish.

Spend $200 or more to receive a Cool Headed or Surf N Turf Cap with your Father's Day purchase.

The Playful Pop

Just like his kiddos, he can grow out of his wardrobe quickly. Pick a playful print that him and the kids will love.

1.Pixelated Paradise - Mulberry Silk
2.Surf N Turf Performance Shorts - Tradewind Technology
3.Board Members Belt - Made in USA with Italian Leather
4.Surf Club - Terry Knit
5.The Hidden Deep Swim Trunks - Tradewind Technology

The Jetsetter

He's always looking for the next big trip; Bring him on a print vacation with these destination inspired pieces.

1. Flora Vista - Mulberry Silk
2. Surf N Turf Cap - Tradewind Technology™
3. Surf N Turf Performance Pants -Tradewind Technology™
4. Vacay Belt - Woven Knit
5. Cool Beams Jacquard - Tradewind Technology™ 
6. Mauritius - 100% Cotton Lawn Made in Hawaii, USA

The Business Buff

Does dad work a lot? Work-life balance can be challenging to achieve, but these professional and playful pieces offer enough versatility that he can effortlessly transition from work to family time.


1. Ocean Belt -  Italian Leather
2. It's A Jungle - 100% Cotton Lawn - Made in Hawaii, USA
3. Fresh Pick - Tradewind Technology™
4. Courtyard Long Sleeve - Tradewind Technology™
5. Monte Carlo Pant - Cotton & Tencel™
6. Toe The Line Socks

Happy Father's Day from Tori Richard!

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